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Kathleen Macferran & Jared Finkelstein

Mondays and Thursdays, January 10 – 20, 2022 (4 sessions) 3:00 – 5:00pm Pacific Time

Location: This a Virtual Event hosted by the NVC Academy

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In this complex and divisive world, how can we better exercise our ability to make conscious choices? How can we increase our ability to seek compassion in the midst of seemingly polarized perspectives?

Using their book Choice: A Field Guide For Navigating The Polarization Of Our World And Living Interdependently, CNVC Certified Trainers, Kathleen Macferran and Jared Finkelstein offer a new framework for wrestling with the polarizing issues of our time.

Authentic choice is a profoundly subjective and personal experience. Still, Kathleen and Jared believe that human problems and solutions — whether they be personal, interpersonal, or societal — all have their roots in the actions of individuals. All of these actions arise from one’s individual experience of choice. 

How do we learn to see what is invisible? To know what we don’t know? To be aware when we are not aware?

This interactive workshop will take you through a practice of personal reflection as we explore these important questions and help you get in touch with the essence of choice. 

You will be invited to learn how to:

  • Journey through your inner landscapes toward the choices you have in the outer world
  • Apply a consciousness that leads to self-responsibility, connection, and collaboration
  • Discern and make choices that enrich and sustain your organizational community
  • Identify the life-serving motivations within concepts that often appear as polar opposites

This course explores choices and philosophical perspectives that go beyond right and wrong and into the realm of interdependence. Not only will you gain internal tools to better navigate this complex and paradoxical world, you will also gain clarity into the way that you interact with yourself, others, and life itself.